Organising committee

Making Seedy Sunday happen

Seedy Sunday would not happen without the volunteer organising committee. Thank you for all your time, energy and good spirit.

Committee 2022

Kate Harrison – Co-chair

Fenella Burns – Co-chair 

James Bradley – Treasurer 

Ruth Chalker – Volunteer Coordinator  

Beth Chaplin – Troubleshooter

Ros Loftin – Seed Exchange Coordinator

Saskia Wesnigk – Seed Exchange Coordinator

Alexandra Embleton – Designer

Marketing & Social Media – ** position vacant. **


To find out more about the committee click here

In addition we have 40+ volunteers helping to make the day run smoothly. If you would like to become a volunteer for Seedy Sunday 2020 and beyond, then sign up at the website or at the Info Desk on the day.

Seedy Sunday is proudly sponsored by Infinity Foods and Wholesale.

We’re very lucky to have a great relationship with the team at Infinity Foods.

They generously sponsor us every year, display our posters and give away our seed envelopes in their shop on North Road Brighton. They also run a fantastic stall at Seedy Sunday selling organic seed potatoes.