More speakers confirmed

More speakers confirmed for the 2019 Speaker Programme. All talks are free and take place in the Copper Cafe and will last 45 minutes.

11am: WEEDS AS MEDICINE. Local herbalists Alice Bettany and Jessie Martlehof will inspire you to look at your common or garden weeds in a new light! You’ll learn the medicinal value of herbs and be inspired to learn how to turn them into into medicines, food and cosmetics.

12pm: WILDLIFE GARDENING. Wildlife journalist and author Kate Bradbury will discuss food chains and habitat creation, plus the importance of doing so in urban areas like Brighton, as documented in her recent book: The Bumblee Bee Flies Anyway. Kate will show how small spaces can be transformed into wildlife-friendly spaces. She will be selling and signing books at the event.

1pm: LOCAL GARDENERS’ QUESTION TIME. With Chris Smith, Joshua the Gardener, Ros Loftin and Alan Phillips.

2pm: BIOLEFT: EXPERIMENTING WITH AN OPEN SOURCE SEED SYSTEM IN LATIN AMERICA. Adrian Ely, Senior Lecturer at SPRU, University of Sussex. Against a background of increasing patenting of seeds and genetic resources, this outlines one of the responses that is emerging around the world: open source seed systems. Bioleft is an open and collaborative system for seed innovation that has been developed in Argentina.

3pm: STOP POISONING OUR CITY! CAMPAIGN TO END THE USE OF PESTICIDES IN BRIGHTON & HOVE! Nick Mole, Policy Officer, and Josie Cohen, Head of Policy and Campaigns from PAN-UK launch their campaign against spraying toxic chemicals in our parks, playgrounds and pavements. These cause harm to our health and harm urban wildlife such as bees, birds. Nick is joined by Steve Peters, award winning gardener at The Level – who has managed to keep an urban, green space pesticide free for some years. Come and learn how.