Community Groups Seedy Sunday Seeds 2021

We know our Community gardens, allotments and growing groups locally rely on Seedy Sunday for their seeds. Even without our community seed swap this year we are determined to continue our ethos of encouraging people to grow organically and have access to open sourced seeds. 

Our wonderful team of Seedy Sunday volunteers have worked to specially select and pack easy to grow Variety Packs of 10 different veg, salad, beans, tomatoes, onions, squash, herbs and bee mix to encourage our pollinators. Community groups can have up to 3 of these 10-packs. If indeed you need that many!

These are free of charge to our community thanks to support from Infinity Foods. 

Whether you’re a Seedy Sunday stalwart or a new group come together in your community during lockdown this year. If you want to encourage your members to grow their own vegetables please contact: We can discuss your requirements and how to get your seeds to you safely.

Happy growing!